Nawal Musleh-Motut is a Doctoral Candidate and Term Lecturer in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University.  For her dissertation, Reconciling the Holocaust and the Nakba: Peacebuilding Through the Storying of Postmemoryshe developed a family photograph-based storytelling methodology, which seeks to transcend competing claims of victimhood stemming from contending collective memories of the Holocaust and the Nakba by creating the occasions and conditions necessary for politico-ethical engagement and witnessing between Palestinians and Israelis currently living in their respective Canadian diasporas.  Her publications include From Palestine to the Canadian Diaspora: The Multiple Social Biographies of the Musleh Family's Photographic Archive (MJCC 2015) and Negotiating Palestine Through the Familial Gaze: A Photographic (Post)memory Project (TOPIA 2012), as well as Comics and the Art of Witnessing: Joe Sacco’s Footnotes in Gaza, which is currently in progress.  Nawal holds a MA in modern Middle Eastern history and is a former member of the Board of Directors for Peace It Together, a Vancouver based organization that brought together Palestinian and Israeli youth from overseas to build and promote peace through joint dialogue, filmmaking, and community engagement.